Airport worker


Airport worker /  offer number: 912-001

We are looking for workers for location Schiphol, by preference working on the platform and the baggage basement.
By preference, we look for multi-skilled candidates or one’s which are open for it.
There are possibilities for grow and specialize within this position.


Responsibilities by working with baggage in the baggage basement:

  • Loading of baggage from roll-band to transport car
  • Unloading of baggage from transport car in the airplane space (loader)

Responsibilities by working on platform

  • Connecting airplane with electricity
  • Blocking of airplane wheels
  • Docking of stairs to airplane
  • Airplane “inside marshallen”
  • Loading of airplane with catering
  • Water & Toilet Service
  • Preferably, candidates which are living 8 year in the Netherlands (in case of time of security screening)
  • Available to work in unregular hours and weekends
  • Dutch/ English knowledge is must
  • Basic salary € 10,85

Unregular hours allowance

ORT Night mon.-fri.:(00:00-07:00) 35%
ORT Evening mon.-sat.: (19:00-24:00)  25%
ORT Saturday: (07:00-24:00) 25%
ORT Sunday: (00:00-24:00:) 60%


Travel cost compensation

  • € 0,19 ct. For km, max 40 km for day (20 km one way);
  • Parking costs: P5, P30 of P40 (± € 37 for month, 50% of cost)
  • Public transport compensation: max € 16,20 for day.

Are you interested?

Apply today!
Send your cover letter and CV together with the position and offer number (912-001) to: work@axidus.com


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